Frequently Asked Questions: FLEx Front Light Panel

Frequently Asked Questions: FLEx Front Light Panel

What is an FLP?

FLP is short for “Front Light Panel”, a very thin film that acts as the light source when laminated on top of a reflective display. This film is transparent, ultra thin (50um), and flexible.

What displays are compatible with the FLEx FLP?

Reflective and memory-in-pixel LCD displays, e-paper displays, and various flexible displays with reflective qualities.

What are the benefits of using FLP’s as a lighting solution?

  • Low power: one LED, efficient coupling
  • Ultra thin: (50um) less thickness to your design
  • Clear: invisible, distortion free
  • Uniform: evenly diffused light source
  • Flexible: edgeless, fits curved panels
  • Elegant: laminated streamlined module

Is there a performance difference between the 01, 03 & 06 configurations?

From a performance standpoint, there is no difference between these configurations. The difference is strictly mechanical in order to offer multiple options to choose from when integrating the FLP into your design.

Do you have any recommendations to mount the display into my design?

We have seen customers mount the displays in multiple ways. One recommended design is installing the display in a gasket using PSA and pressure to keep it in place.

We’ve also seen customers using a carrier piece to key off the exposed glass edges and then bond the flat part of the display with double sided adhesive so he LCD is fixed onto the carrier. The carrier then is assembled into the device.


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