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SID Display Week 2019: FLEx Lighting Recap

With the Society of Information Displays' annual Display Week 2019 behind us, here's a brief recap from FLEx Lighting.

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What’s Next after the Backlight in Display?

January 30, 2019

Backlit displays have had a good run, but new technology is moving past them and their limitations.

CLEARink And FLEx To Create Next Gen ePaper Display Solutions

July 9, 2019

Frontlit ePaper 2.0 Display Wows Attendees at SID’s Display Week

Frequently Asked Questions: FLEx Front Light Panel

May 20, 2019

A brief look into Frequently Asked Questions about the FLEx Front Light Panel.

Front Light Panel Handling Guide

April 30, 2019

FLEx Lighting's Front Light Panel, while intrinsically safe and extremely durable, can still be damaged through improper handling and misuse.

Front Light Expanding to Larger Size LCD Displays

March 29, 2019

Check out our latest front light improvements as we expand our product offering to larger size reflective LCD displays.

Webinar: What’s Next for Display Technology

February 6, 2019

A lively discussion on display technology trends with the CEO of FLEx Lighting, Mike Casper, and the Co-founder & President of DSCC, Bob O'Brien.

The Evolution of Device Display Technology

February 5, 2019

See how the LED dominated display for decades and how the industry is finally moving away from it.

Video: How FLEx Works

January 30, 2019

Watch a short video to see how front lighting works.

The Science Behind FLEx Power Savings

January 30, 2019

FLEx CTO, Tony Nichol, walks through how reflective display can save power without compromising quality.

Stay current with FLEx lower-power front lighting updates